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1986 Brian and Isabel Byrnes in front of their home.
A generous bequest by Brian and Isabel Byrnes provides the funding for the Byrnes Bursary program directed at post-secondary (university, college, or technical school) students from Whonnock and Ruskin. The amount of the bursary available is up to $2,000 for each four-month term..
In 2005 the Whonnock Foundation initiated this successful program and in the following fifteen years the Foundation granted Byrnes Bursaries with a total value of around $250,000 to worthy students.
Now the Whonnock Community Association is the administrator of the Byrnes Bursary program and, as the Whonnock Foundation before, the Association offers Byrnes Bursaries to residents and former residents of Whonnock and Ruskin and their offspring committed to successfully completing a course of post-secondary studies.
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