Whonnock Notes

Left: Whonnock’s general store built around 1885. I burned down in 1916 and was never rebuilt. The site is now under Lougheed Hignway.

Whonnock Notes are published under the auspices of the Whonnock Community Association to promote the research and understanding of the past of our community.

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  1. Transcripts from the Fraser Valley Record (1908-1912)
    News about Whonnock in the Mission newspaper
  2. Cemeteries in Whonnock
    The history of Whonnock's cemeteries. Includes cemetery records and transcriptions of the grave markers.
  3. The Trondheim Congregation
    Our Norwegian settlers’ minutes of the Lutheran Church in Whonnock
  4. Through the Eyes of Brian and other Friends
    Interviews, notes, and stories dating back to 1913
  5. Whonnock 1897: John Williamson's Diary
    One of the oldest records of daily life in Whonnock
  6. Ferguson’s Landing: George Godwin’s Whonnock
    A look at George Godwin’s novel: The Eternal Forest.
  7. Robert Robertson and Tselatsetenate
    Whonnock’s Scottish first settler and his family
  8. A Name Index of the Whonnock Notes Series No. 1- 7
    Compiled by Eleanore Dempster.
  9. A Name Index of the Whonnock Community Association Historical Project Summer 1985 Records
    Compiled by Eleanore Dempster.
  10. The Family of Catherine & Edward Julius Muench
    Catherine was the sister of the wife of Robert Robertson.
  11. It was a Wonderful Life
    A tribute to Brian and Isabel Byrnes Special order: Records of the Whonnock Community Association’s Historical Project, 1985.
  12. Whonnock's Post Office
    A history of the Whonnock post office, postmasters and assistants
  13. John Williamson's Diary Revisited
    Now the complete text of a diary kept in Whonnock in 1896 and 1897
  14. The Case of Private Cromarty: A Soldier from Whonnock
    The story of a mixed identity
  15. A Dream Come True
    The story of Whonnock Lake Centre.
  16. The Ladies Club: Minutes 1911-1919
    Minutes of the organization that built and operated the Whonnock Memorial Hall.
  17. Enumeration: Maple Ridge 1917
    An extraordinary census of the people, horses, cattle, sheeps, hogs. poultry and bees.
  18. Charles Whetham: A Remarkable Resident of Ruskin
    The story of an almost forgotten settler who helped name Ruskin
  19. Short Writings on Local History
    A collection of writings on Whonnock and Ruskin published in The News ... and more.
  20. Mrs. Norman's Album
    Thornhill School 1959-1969
  21. George Stanley Godwin, 1889 – 1974, Biographical Notes
  22. In Memory of Those Who Fell
    Documents relating to the ten men named on the memorial plaque dedicated in Whonnock in 1921.
  23. Letters from Mahonia Ranche 1888-1895
    The pioneering years of the Whonnock Kirbys.
  24. The Whonnock Band of Kwantlen First Nation
    A mostly forgotten history.

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