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Ruskin Community Hall
28395 96th Avenue
Ruskin BC V2W 1L2
Phone: 604 462 9739

The Ruskin Community Hall Association holds its regular meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Ruskin Hall. New members are always welcome!  
The history of the hall starts in 1916 when the one-room schoolhouse was replaced by a larger building. The residents pulled the old wooden structure across the street, and with support of the Gilchrist brothers made it their community hall.
Unfortunately that building burned down in 1922. “Last evening,” so reads an item in the Weekly Gazette of August 3rd, 1922, “bush fires devoured the spacious Ruskin Hall, which was kindly furnished by Messrs. Gilchrist Bros. The school opposite was endangered.”
The present building, constructed through volunteer subscriptions and donations, was opened in the fall of 1924. William Gilchrist Laing owned the land where it stood and he wanted to donate it to the people of Ruskin. To legally accept the gift of the land the people incorporated the Ruskin Community Hall Association in 1930. The association took the ownership of the land and the Ruskin Community Hall “constructed through volunteer subscriptions and donations” and “to manage maintain and carry on the same for the benefit of the people of Ruskin.”
That is still of the mandate of the Hall Association is today, but added they have also as an object “To promote and advance the interests of harmony, fellowship and community development in the community of Ruskin.”